7 apps to create your own NFTs

by George Philip
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We have compiled a list of apps that allow you to create NFTs so that we can design our own “non-fungible tokens”. NFTs are all the rage, a phenomenon halfway between art, collecting and investing, and anyone can easily create them.

We have already explained what an NFT is, multimedia elements such as photos, videos or even documents, which thanks to cryptocurrency networks are uniquely identified. Therefore, they can be very expensive, since no one can “copy” the property of one of these digital works of art.

We must be clear that creating an NFT is only part of the process to later sell it and make a profit. These apps and platforms assist us in the process, which in all cases requires us to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency to pay the initial costs of the transaction, which can sometimes be quite high.

That is, there are associated expenses, the so-called “mint” and “gas” to compensate for the transactions of the blockchain network that validate their authenticity. Additionally, platforms may charge commissions for their work, usually only when we successfully sell an NFT.

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Open Sea

Image - 7 apps to create your own NFTs

OpenSea is the main trading platform (market) for NFTs, and it not only serves as an exchange point or to know the prices since it allows us to directly create our own NFTs, only uploading the multimedia element that composes it.

Although OpenSea bets mainly on the web version, it also has apps for mobile devices, so it is up to us to choose the version that best suits our preferences.

Website: Open Sea


Image - 7 apps to create your own NFTs

Rarible is the second-largest NFT exchange, again making it possible to easily trade between users, learn about prices, and view our digital art collection. It is compatible with various wallets, cryptocurrencies and means of paying for transactions.

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It has apps for smartphones and tablets, which are not as complete as the standard page, although they will help us to easily create our own “non-fungible tokens”.

Website: rare

Async Art

Image - 7 apps to create your own NFTs

Those with programming knowledge can create interactive NFTs thanks to Async Art, a market that goes beyond classic content (images, videos, documents, etc.) by allowing the user to modify the display.

For now, Async Art has not released mobile apps, but it is worth keeping in mind this alternative that really stands out against static formats.

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Website: Async Art


AtomicHub is another platform where NFTs are centralized, to trade with them easily. In addition, it gives us the possibility of creating new virtual objects (tokens) without the need for much knowledge, and with tutorials that will help us in the process.

In the case of AtomicHub, it does not yet have apps, although we can access the mobile version of the site to create NFTs. In the end, the experience is very similar to an application, which we imagine will not be long in coming.

Website: AtomicHub

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Image - 7 apps to create your own NFTs

Solsea is a marketplace based on the Solana network, to buy, sell and create NFTs individually or in collections. It has a virtual art gallery aspect, always without forgetting the importance that users give to NFTs for investment.

Solsea accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, offers low transaction costs, and even includes a proprietary system for embedding copyright on copyrighted tokens.

Website: Solsea


Unlike the other apps, which belong to the NFT market, here we are dealing with an image editor to create our own virtual works of art. Once completed, it allows us to convert them into an NFT that can later be uploaded to third-party services.

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At GoArt, the focus is on creating images in the style of classic paintings (Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Picasso, among others), starting from their own photos, thanks to artificial intelligence techniques.

8bit Painter

Image - 7 apps to create your own NFTs

In the case of 8bit Painter we find ourselves before an image editor to create the typical retro pixelated illustrations in the style of 8-bit video games. A visual finish that goes very well with NFTs, for example, used in the famous CryptoPunks.

Of course, the app only generates the image, the conversion to NFT is on us, something that we can easily do from any of the platforms on this list.

There are more NFT markets with restrictions, for example, SuperRare and Nifty Gateway, where creators are individually selected to participate, in the style of traditional art galleries. Therefore, they do not have apps or a wizard to guide us to create the NFT.

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In addition, there is Binance NFT, the popular exchange that allows us to buy and sell these tokens but does not give the option to create them. If we are newbies, it may not be the best option, as we will need various external tools to design and upload the NFT to Binance.

In the end, it is easy to create your own new NFT, but any of these websites or apps require you to pay the cost of incorporating it into the Ethereum network, and then it is up to you to sell it. In other words, the operation has a certain risk, and we must promote our work well for it to be profitable.

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Ducky February 20, 2022 - 5:34 pm

Goart is only free for a 3 day trial, then requires a monthly subscription. Please remove this suggestion.

Hji February 20, 2022 - 11:04 am

It’s nice


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