6 Apps and Services to Make Money with Referrals

by George Philip
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Monetary compensation can be very attractive to users of apps and services. By referring the platforms to friends and family, extra money can end up in your account, increasing your monthly income. Discover 6 apps and services that bring you the opportunity to earn money with referrals.

1. TikTok

The worldwide fever called TikTok is an application that serves to create and share short videos on an extensive social network. Users use it daily to express themselves in countless ways, from dancing to demonstrations of cooking and personal skills.

The service has a popular program to earn money by referral that offers values ​​from $ 10  for those who refer. This amount can be received as account credit, coupons for the purchase of products and services, in addition to phone credits. It is worth remembering that the TikTok referral program is only allowed for people over 18 years old.

Link to the official website.

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2. Kwai

TikTok’s big competitor offers similar services. Kwai is also a short video sharing app, bringing users from all over the globe to a social network. Because they are very similar, it is common for users to end up using both.

To earn money with referrals on Kwai, you need to invite other people to join the platform via the app. Each time a user registers using the referral invitation, the person who referred earns values and can reach higher values ​​if the new user frequently uses the application.

Link to the official website

3. PicPay

PicPay is a Brazilian digital wallet application that provides a simple way for users to carry out financial transactions. It’s like a digital wallet in which anyone can send and receive money from a phone. The service ensures that everything is done free of charge and with a high level of security.

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Your program for the user to earn money with referrals is used frequently by many people. All that is required is for the person to send an invitation code to another person who will register using that code. After performing the first credit card transaction, both users receive the amount of R$10.

Link to the official website

3. Wish

Wish has been growing exponentially in recent years. It is an e-commerce platform where sellers and buyers can interact and trade. There is the option to use it via app for Android and iOS, but it also has a web version for PC users.

Your referral money system works from a promotional invite code. The person can nominate a third party who does not have an account with Wish. Those who made the referral can earn up to $10, while the buyer will receive $10 to spend on the platform. Wish claims that it is possible to earn $100 every month.

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Link to the official website

4. Payoneer

Payoneer is a large North American financial services company whose primary focus is on promoting its services to businesses, freelance professionals or freelancers, and individuals who market products or services.

The referral program works such in a way that both you and your friend will qualify for a bonus when they register for a Payoneer account.

Link to the official website

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It is always interesting to guarantee an extra income in the month, but it is worth remembering that it is difficult to maintain this structure as a main source of income. Anyway, it can be a good one for those who are just looking to increase their wallet while using the apps in the list above.

Which of these apps do you use daily? Tell us!

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