5 Tech-related Business Ideas To Make A Killing In 2023

by George Philip
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With each passing minute, technology becomes more integrated into our lives. Technological innovations provide access to abundant amounts of information, better communication means, and ease of mobility. Technology usage has proven time-saving and cost-efficient both at home and office. Recently, Facebook crossed the $85 Billion markin terms of revenue. At the same time, Amazon’s revenue accounted for almost $96 Billion while Google surpassed $181 Billion in profit. These figures prove that tech businesses have the potential to earn big bucks for any entrepreneur. 

If you are willing to hop on the bandwagon and commence a tech-related business, here are some startup ideas. 

1. Website design services

Starting a website design business is an excellent idea for several reasons. It is currently one of the most in-demand services, mainly because companies are going digital and require website developers and designers. It is a lucrative business idea. Statistics suggest that website designers can earn up to $70,000 every year. 

Offering website designing services do not even require a considerable investment. You might not even need a permanent office space if you wish to remain small scale. You can also offer your services entirely remotely. You can check out DigitalSupermarket for a host of easy-to-use tools to help you get started and deliver the ultimate customer experience to your client’s customers.

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The only requirement you would need to fulfill to commence a website design business is the necessary skillset. While website designing isn’t highly technical, you still must learn the essentials of the field to ensure efficiency and quality in delivery.

 2. Social media consultancy

It is mind-blowing how social media is taking over our lives. Social media nearly tripled its total user base over the past decade from 970 million users in 2010 to over 4 billion users in 2020. It further shows how imperative and valuable social media forums have become over time. 

Studies show that almost 71% of companies use at least one social media platform to represent and market their products and services. And out of those, 52% post every day. Businesses are now realizing the benefits of social media and utilizing it as much as possible. That means the demand for social media consultants and marketers is also rising. Therefore, right now is a good time to start a social media consultancy business. It is a lucrative job that requires familiarity with platforms, management skills, a rudimentary understanding of content production. You can work with other freelance designers and content creators to make a killing out of this business idea.

3. Blogging

Blogging is becoming popular. That’s because blogs have arean effective marketing strategy. They attract traffic and increase lead generation. However, the idea of blogging goes beyond company websites. Recently, there has been a massiveincrease in lifestyle blogs on social media platforms. And even though these blogs were a side hustle for people, they have now become a primary source of income. 

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As the blogging trend rises, so does each bloggers’ ability and capacity to earn. A recent survey reported that full-time bloggers could easily make over $200,000 per year by working for merely 10-30 hours a week. Blogging is a fun, interactive, and unusual business/job. It allows you to manage your online identity, helps you learn new things, improves your writing and editing skills, and helps you make new connections. But like every other business, blogging also has its ups and downs. It requires you to be consistent with your content. Avoid ghosting your audience for too long.

 4. Data entry 

Almost all businesses require data entry at some point since it helps analyze research and generate information for decision-making. Therefore, the demand for data entry specialists is almost always high. Starting a data entry business is pretty simple since most companies operate online.

You only need a computer and a secure internet connection. It would help to construct a strategy for approaching clients and setting costs and rates. There is ample scope for a data entry business worldwide. Once you get more clients, you will have to expand your team since it is labor-intensive.

5. E-commerce 

E-commerce is probably one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s time. This is because of the convenience it provides to customers. It eliminates travel time and cost, enables customers to compare while shopping, and offers attractive deals/discounts. It also includes much information, overcomes geographical limitations, and locates the required product quicker. 

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Surveys show over 2 billion people purchased goods online last year, and e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars. These numbers prove that customers enjoy shopping online,and e-commerce businesses are a popular emerging trend. Hence, if you have a suitable skill set, you must look into starting an e-commerce business. It offers a faster buying process, better and low-cost advertising, and flexibility for customers. You can reach more buyers, address their queries on time, and sell a diverse range of products. And not to forget, the big bucks you’ll be making.


The best thing about technological revolutions is the abundant options and choices available to people. There is so much you can do if you explore your options thoroughly. Some people constantly criticize technology and blame it for making lives more chaotic. However, that couldn’t be more untrue. If anything, technology makes our lives simpler and opens up avenues for success for many. It is also crucial to build a specific skill set to utilize technology to its max potential. So pick an idea from above, hone your skills, and make quick bucks in no time.

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Samuel January 19, 2022 - 3:46 pm

Good afternoon Mr George, pls I want to learn web development and I don’t know how to go about it


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