5 Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Small Businesses

by George Philip
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YouTube has become a huge platform not only for entertainment but also for knowledge and advice. So much so that today there are thousands of creators who create useful content and even buy real and cheap YouTube views for wider reach. Since an entrepreneurial journey is never simple, many entrepreneurs resort to social media and search engines for advice, lessons, success story inspiration, and more. 

One can find anything on YouTube, and educational content isn’t an exception. Endless creators can gain more YouTube subscribers and monetize by providing useful insights. If you are a small business owner willing to learn, grow and expand; you are in luck. We are here with a list of 5 must-watch YouTube channels for small businesses. 

1. TED Talks

Let’s start with one of the most resourceful, popular, and mist-watch channels for entrepreneurs. This YouTube channel features the best performances and best conversations with thought-leaders from all across the world. The vision of the channel to ‘help shape a better tomorrow’ is embodied in its rich and diverse content.

 It invites guests across different industries helping in expanding their audience’s mental horizons, from technology to design to entertaining. Its span of wide topic range helps entrepreneurs get insights into various issues. The channel has hosted several entrepreneurial personalities discussing big jaw-dropping ideas and concepts. 

One of the most unique aspects of their videos is that everything is discussed in 18 minutes or less. So all it takes is hardly 20 minutes to get a chance to learn something new and incorporate the learnings in one’s business journey. 

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

With more than 3 million subscribers, Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best YouTube channels to subscribe to. The channel has managed to gain more YouTube subscribers worldwide with its enriching videos. An entrepreneur at heart, he helps people grow their businesses with the best tips and lessons. This content consists of everything, from digital marketing tips to success stories to advice. Their content is tailored to both startup entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized businesses. 

It also has content that helps shape the right mindset to succeed and maintain a good work-life balance. Besides his YouTube channel, he is also the founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, a digital agency. If you’re planning to take YouTube as your side hustle, buy YouTube views for unstoppable growth. 

3. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur YouTube channel should be your one-stop destination for all things business! Their content focuses on a plethora of business-related topics like business trends, ideas, and advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs. A majority of their content is the same as that of Entrepreneur Magazine, a leading business magazine. 

The channel also features several success stories and their journeys to get inspired and learn how to overcome common business challenges. Their startup success stories help create the mindset that anything and everything is possible with the right mindset, guidance, and system. Their content has helped many people get started, which is why the channel has been able to gain more YouTube subscribers. 

4. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is often known to be the Oprah of the next generation, and rightly so! Her channel has managed to gain more YouTube subscribers, owing to its top-notch and nurturing content. She is on a mission to help her audience succeed in business as well as in life. 

Her lifestyle, marketing, and branding expertise are reflected in her videos through storytelling, advice, lessons tips, tricks, inspiration, and advice. Along with business content, it also focuses on self-improvement, leadership, growth mindset, and development. Her content will train your mind to think creatively and face business setbacks optimistically.  It might also encourage some people to start their own YouTube channels, buy YouTube comments From Viralyft.com, and get a kick start!

5. Startup Grind

Just as its name suggests, Startup Grind is an official YouTube channel and community for entrepreneurs, founders, creators, and innovators. They bring together diverse yet like-minded individuals together. Their agenda is to bring together these people to connect, learn, help, teach, belong and build. 

Their content helps in giving a backstage pass behind successful businesses, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and investors from all over the world. Since their channel is hyper-focused on startups it’s the perfect platform for small businesses to learn from. Their content is as long as a TV show episode, and worth every minute of it. 


Whether you are an early-stage entrepreneur or a small business owner struggling to expand, these channels will surely help you upgrade and expand. One can gain a lot of knowledge by tuning into these channels, making notes, and applying their tips in real life. Who knows, you might get a great idea and become the CEO of a multi-million dollar company through their expert advice and tips!

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