4 Altcoins You Should Pay Attention To in 2023

by George Philip
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The awareness of people around the world about digital currency is growing every day. If earlier everyone simply watched the rise and fall of the price of Bitcoin, then at the moment many are actively looking for investment options. 

The good news is that those who want to invest do not have to save money for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other well-known coins. Now there are over eighteen thousand different alternative coins, each of which has an interesting and intriguing concept. 

Today, we can see how some coins and tokens that appeared as a joke are starting to gain momentum. According to buidlbee.com, investors have a serious interest in such coins and they are looking forward to what happens to their prices. 

If you want to join the cryptocurrency race, but do not know what choice to make, then we have prepared for you interesting options that you can pay attention to in 2023. 

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Options to consider 


You can learn to combine business with pleasure. This is all about the $FGHT token, which will be especially popular this year. The hype around this alternative token is that users can earn it on one condition. You should lead an active lifestyle. 

It is the reward for all your physical activity. If you actively move, walk a lot, and do workouts, then the number of your tokens will increase. As you accumulate coins, you will be able to compete with other users to increase your wealth. 

Using the application, you will be able to accumulate currency. After that, you will be able to buy various goods, and non-fungible tokens, as well as access online consultations from professional trainers. In the future, users will also be able to access offline gyms. 


Dash 2 Trade 

If you want not just to try yourself as an investor, but to master the skills of a successful trader, then you should pay attention to the D2T token. By purchasing this token, you will have access to a platform that will help you master all the necessary skills for a trader. 

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This is your best long-term investment. You will be able to participate in various trading competitions, as well as use modern and advanced crypto tools that will help you choose the best strategies. 

Plus, you’ll have access to all the latest and verified information, keeping you ahead of the curve. Another advantage is that you will be the first to know about new products in the coin market. 


While more and more people are moving away from combustion-engine vehicles in favor of electric cars, today many electric vehicle owners are not happy with the way the infrastructure is developing. However, a new token called $CCHG will be able to fix this situation for the better for many drivers. Motorists will be able to use the app and pay for charging their vehicle with an alternative coin. 

Car owners will receive rewards. Every time drivers use this modern solution, they will receive so-called carbon credits, which they can use to pay off next time. What’s more, using the app, users can find nearby charging stations with available spaces and pay for charging charges in advance, learn about waiting times, compare charging station prices, and more. 

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We all love to have fun. The new TARO token will allow users to plunge into a new crypto game. As many well-known tokens lose their value, this alternative coin could be a breath of fresh air for many investors. 

By purchasing tokens, users will be able to plunge into the game in which they will play as NFT robots. This will become your avatar in the game on the new planet. You will be able to access various continents in the game, of which there are currently seven. If you want to get access to a new location for the exploration of resources, you can access it through an airdrop. In addition, you can buy or sell any location using the marketplace. 


Every day there are many different interesting and intriguing projects related to digital currency. Each of the projects offers a new token. Unlike the main coins, known to everyone, by buying new tokens, users will be able to combine business with pleasure. Token holders will be able to earn on an active lifestyle, plunge into the metaverse, charge electric cars, and much more. 

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