3 Altcoins that can make you a millionaire in 2022

by George Philip
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We live in a time when you no longer have to dream of becoming a millionaire. You can make it happen by simply investing in Crypto… Yes, you read that correctly!

Crypto special helps bridge the financial gap between rich and poor. Since it is decentralized and non-discriminatory, it makes financial success attainable for one and all. So regardless of race, gender, and ethnicity, anyone with access to the interest is capable of earning millions.

However, this does not mean that all coins on the market will fulfil their dreams, and investors must differentiate many fraudulent and dead-end projects from genuine altcoins that make money. Here are three reliable Cryptos in the metaverse: Terra (LUNA), Solana (SOL), and Parody Coin (PARÓ).

Earth (MOON)

Terra is a blockchain system that combines the stability and widespread use of fiat currencies with the speed and availability of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it stands as the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, with a market value of $36 billion at the time of writing.

Within its network, LUNA is a versatile token to recognize in the rise of Terra. A popular staking coin allows users to generate passive income by locking up their tokens.

Investors have been optimistic about the price prediction of this Cryptocurrency as its journey history has shown tremendous growth. For example, the value of LUNA increased by 73% in just one month and more than 800% in just one year.

Sunshine (SUN)

The second altcoin that can significantly multiply your money is Solana (SOL). Launched in 2020, its price almost quadrupled last year. It uses a mechanism known as Proof of History (PoH) to achieve fast transaction speeds.

SOL is considered to be less expensive and faster than conventional Cryptos and became a hotbed for NFT projects last summer. It should also be noted that SOL tokens remain the most widely staked asset, with almost $40 billion worth of tokens staked across many protocols. In addition, participants earn an annual return of 5.86%.

Analysts have affirmed bullish predictions by expecting Solana (SOL) to return almost 240% by 2025. Therefore, SOL is likely to help you get closer to financial freedom.

A parody coin that you must invest… (STOP)

Now moving on to one of the unique coins, Parody Coin (PARO) is a newly launched project that you should invest in. The core purpose of PARO is to address the lack of access to the NFT market due to the high prices and fees associated with NFTs and to provide capabilities not seen on regular NFT platforms. Furthermore, it offers a passive income system that has been designed to give people more control.

The PARO team offers a variety of opportunities to reward participation in their interactive ‘Paroverse’: –

Parody Swap – A feature that allows users to exchange any Crypto within any blockchain for an equal number of Parody tokens.
Parody Bridge – A bridge that gives users the ability to transfer PARO to other blockchains.
Parody Market – An NFT market for Parody Coin (PARO) NFTs.
Cryptocurrencies are deflationary and have maximum limits. As a result, they are projected to reach unprecedented heights and show their full potential as the currency of the future. This fits perfectly with how PARO coin is deflationary, as it is capped at 300 million pre-mined tokens.

Remember, it is better to invest in reliable currencies that are more likely to quadruple overtime. Think of it this way: the sooner you invest, the higher your profits. Get some PARO tokens while it’s on presale; the sooner you invest, the better!

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