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17 Ways to Make Extra Money on The Internet in 2023

On the internet, people can find several options to raise extra income. Winnings can happen more easily, safely and quickly. In many cases, the money earned through the internet can come without having to be so qualified. Understand 17 options on how to make money on the internet

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17 options on how to make money on the internet in 2023

One of the great advantages of the internet is the infinity of possibilities offered. In just one click, a user can connect with millions of people. Because of this, many take advantage of this potential to improve finances.

When earning extra income, the person will not only depend on the salary of the main occupation. This extra money can even help with day-to-day unforeseen events.

1. Write texts for websites and blogs

The internet has several companies that outsource content to customers. In this way, the interested party can produce texts for companies — or even for other people. As a way to find services in the area, you can check out freelance platforms.

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  1. Access any freelancing platform (such as Rock Content, Upwork and fiverr );
  2. Register and meet other possible requirements required by the platform;
  3. Apply for the desired modality/production.

2. Edit images and videos

For those who are skilled in professional tools — such as Photoshop and Premiere, for example — working over the internet can be a viable option. Several companies seek collaborators to improve their brands.

  1. Build a portfolio with the productions already carried out;
  2. Look for companies interested in hiring the editing service (through LinkedIn , for example);
  3. Negotiate the contract.

3. Answer online surveys

Users can find some sites to earn money from surveys. By offering the questionnaire, companies seek to understand the opinion of the population about certain brands. By participating in these platforms, it will be possible to withdraw money quickly.

  1. Access a research site;
  2. Register;
  3. Answer the questions provided.

4. Teach online classes

On the internet, there are many people who would like to develop their knowledge.

If the person interested in teaching has experience, knowledge or expertise in any area — such as fluency in a language or playing a musical instrument — it is possible to offer online classes.

  1. Publicize private lessons on the internet;
  2. Organize the schedules in the agenda;
  3. Set aside a space in the house to teach the class;
  4. Take the class online (through some social network or Google Meet, for example).

5. Provide courses or training

In addition to online classes, there is the possibility of providing courses or training over the internet. For those who have specific knowledge, it is possible to turn the skill into profits.

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  1. Access any digital platform and register (such as Udemy and Hotmart );
  2. Record the course and insert it into the marketplace;
  3. Advertise for marketing.

6. Refer apps to friends

As a way to increase the number of users, some social networks offer a referral program. By sharing a referral link — and someone else’s new registration is effective — there is the possibility of receiving a cash bonus.

  1. Create an account on an app that offers referral promotion (such as TikTok and Kwai );
  2. Look for and click on the invite link on the platform;
  3. Share the link — for friends to register on the social network.

7. Sell products you no longer use

For those who have a product that they no longer use, making the sale can earn extra money. Through some sites, it will be possible to pass on items such as sporting goods, clothing, among others.

  1. Check products that are in good condition to be sold;
  2. Access any online sales platform;
  3. Make the personal registration and the item to be sold.
  4. market the product.

8. Create a virtual store through social networks

Due to a large number of users present on social networks, these platforms can be used to grow businesses. Marketing can be done to different segments.

  1. Create a business account on some social network (such as Instagram and Facebook);
  2. Fill in the requested information regarding the enterprise;
  3. Publish the products that will be sold and make the sales.

9. Act as a remote assistant

This work refers to the citizen who acts as a digital secretary. The professional performs activities for companies or people — in order to help organize daily life.

In this area, it is possible to work as a typist and online chat attendant, for example, and earn money safely over the internet.

  1. Register and search for open positions on job platforms (such as Upwork and Workana);
  2. Apply and wait for possible contact from the recruiter.

10. Sell photos online

The citizen, who has knowledge of photography, can turn this hobby into extra income.

This happens through selling to databases. On the internet, there are some sites that provide commission when the photos are sold. This is one of the safest ways to make money on the internet.

  1. Find some stock photography sites (like Getty Images and Foap);
  2. Create an account;
  3. Submit the photos to be sold.

11. Translate texts

For those who have knowledge of languages. another option to earn an income is through the translation of texts. In this sense, the internet has several sites that offer jobs as freelance translators.

  1. Go to a translation job site
  2. Make the registration;
  3. Search for jobs requested for translation.

12. Act as an affiliate

Affiliate refers to anyone who indicates third-party products on any website. It is possible to earn money through commissions on the sales that happened through the referral.

  1. Access an affiliate website and register;
  2. Promote content registered on the platform;
  3. Earn the commission as per the indicated sales.

13. Make investments through Internet Banking, digital banks or stockbrokers

Many people invest in savings because of the facility offered by banks.

Despite this, there are several investments that can be easily accessed — and still offer higher returns. For those who already have a financial reserve, this option can be considered.

  1. Access a stockbroker;
  2. Register and perform an investor profile analysis;
  3. See which investments are best suited to your personal profile;
  4. Transfer money to the brokerage account;
  5. Make the application of the money in the respective investment.

14. Become a YouTuber

Being a YouTuber has been a dream for many people. If the interested party can meet the minimum requirements required by YouTube, it is possible to receive monetization. Money can be earned by joining the Partner Program.

  1. Create a YouTube channel and produce the videos;
  2. When meeting the minimum requirements required by the company, sign up for the Youtube Partnership Program;
  3. Wait for the YouTube review process.

The application will be placed in the review queue when the user:

  • Reach the minimum number of subscribers and viewing time;
  • You don’t have active Community Guidelines notices;
  • Accept the terms of the YouTube Partner Program;
  • Link your AdSense account.

Another way to earn money on YouTube is by joining the Reward Fund.

In this scenario, you don’t need to be in the YouTube Partner Program. Monthly, the social network contacts thousands of content creators to inform about receiving the bonus.

15. Stream games

Another profession on the rise is that of the streamer. When performing live streams, certain platforms may award remuneration to partner streamersThis option can be considered by those who like to play online.

  1. Access and register on any streaming platform (such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming );
  2. Conduct live broadcasts;
  3. By fulfilling the requirements required by the platform, it will be possible to be part of the partner program — to earn remuneration.

In addition to the partner program, the content producer can profit through donations and promotion of sponsor products, for example.

16. Manage social media

For those who have knowledge about social media management, this is a way to make money on the internet. This possibility happens through the management of third-party accounts.

  1. Look for companies and professionals who are looking for professionals to manage social networks (such as Facebook and Instagram );
  2. Understand customer expectations;
  3. Take the necessary actions so that the account has the necessary engagement.

17. Sell credit card miles

This type of sale can be advantageous for people who have accumulated card mileage but are not interested in exchanging it for benefits.

In this way, there is the possibility of selling the miles to other users who are looking for an airline ticket. The internet has some intermediary sites.

  1. Access any intermediary website for the sale of miles;
  2. Make a quote using the form on the website;
  3. Make the registration requested by the company;
  4. Confirm the sale of the miles — so that the company makes the payment and you receive money over the internet.

Extra tip on how to make money on the internet in 2022: cashback sites

Ever heard of cashback? The fastest and simplest way to make money on the internet is using novelty.

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